I have no idea how I’m going to top Max’s 3rd birthday. Obviously it was the highlight of his life. -_-


The only kind of white boys I’ll date are the ones who can do this

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I used to not believe people who said their job helped with their anxiety but it really has. Like I hype things up so much in my head that im terrified of doing things that put me out of my comfort zone and im scared of messing up and I was so nervous to handle money and I was worried i would be too slow but after doing it for a while its nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Like I guess it helped me realise how much I exaggerate things in my head and even if I’m nervous I know it cant possibly be as bad as I’m imagining



gray wolf by Aiko Fukawa


gray wolf by Aiko Fukawa

I farted right as I walked into my boss’ office oh god

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"We were gone! but what was on the top of the mountain, the mountain top?”


Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks performing their first show on tour at Larimer Lounge

Denver, CO

14 April 2014

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